LugRadio Live

LugRadio Live is the greatest open source event in history. Really, it is. Honest. Would we lie to you?

The LugRadio team have now run their yearly live event twice, starting in 2005. The 2005 LugRadio Live was remarkable for being the only event in the UK where Mark Shuttleworth got his hand stamped with a potato on the way in, as well as being a rip-roaring success in terms of speakers, enjoyment, the first ever LugRadio recorded in front of a studio audience, and the heat (since we couldn't open the windows).

In 2006 it got even better; LRL2006 was two days of mayhem, including three speaker tracks, BOFs, an even bigger exhibition, lemon cakes, the Low Tech Wiki, and two of the team shaving off their beards for charity. It wasn't all new, though: we kept the best bits of the previous year, like the fun, the bar, the live show, the Mark Shuttleworth, and sadly the lack of air-conditioning. Be prepared for LugRadio Live 2007!