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7th-8th July, Wolverhampton, UK
40 speakers, hundreds of people, exhibition, live LugRadio recording -- be there!
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I am one. An individual, a single, a unique mind. With my thoughts I have achieved great things, explored new worlds and encountered challenges far and wide. But the road stands before me. I have not explored my real potential, but merely spanned the depths of the singular, a terrain devoted to a lone heartbeat, a measure of humanity defined by one.

Freedom is my pillar, my story, my way, but to taste real freedom, we need to join arms and march towards a future in which we free information, people, thoughts and ideas. I am one, we are one, and together we stand united by vision, defined by diversity, alive with potential.

United we stand, together we fall. It's time to define the future. Be there.

The Freedom March was performed by the LugRadio team. The movie music is Sorrow, from Dj Fab's Ocean Dreams album, used under a CC licence. This site's background image is of Freedom Tunnel, Manhattan, taken by Pro-Zak and used under a CC licence. Excellent detection stuff by plugin_js and SWFObject. The text of The Freedom March and the videos are under a CC-Attribution licence.