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This year, the exhibition area is bigger than ever. With a dedicated room, direct off the main hall, you can enjoy stands from big free software projects and companies, complete with bar and an ear on the main stage.

Confirmed exhibitors

Ubuntu - the Ubuntu boys are back, with free CDs and more.

Bytemark - the specialists in Linux virtual machine hosting.

OpenSolaris - see Sun's open source kernel in action and get a free install DVD.

UK Linux - t-shirts, mugs and other Linux goodies.

KDE and Kubuntu - the man in the kilt, and his friends, will be showing off the future of KDE.

InkScape - the vector graphics drawing package that's giving Adobe a run for its money.

Tuxgames - enter their competition to win Linux games!

Clockwork Software - creators of PayThyme, the free software payroll system.

MythTV - the premiere free software media centre software.

Everybody Loves Eric Raymond - buy t-shirts from your favourite web comic.

The Open CD - see how the guys are promoting open source software to Windows users.

Novell - the big red N and the green gecko will be showing off Suse, XGL and more.

TurboCash - the free software accountancy package.

MOST - Midlands Open Source Technology demonstrate what they're doing with free software in the public sector.

Enterprise Groupware Server - the Midlands-based free software CRM and Groupware solution.

CentOS - shh, don't mention the big name Linux vendor whose enterprise sources are compiled to create this community enterprise OS.

Joomla! - hey mambo, mambo italiano. Your favourite PHP CMS team will be available for questions, demos, etc.

OpenDocument Fellowship - find out how they're creating an open standards file format and promoting its use.

O'Reilly - buy O'Reilly books, maybe some discounts available!

Fedora - chat to the guys behind Red Hat's community OS.

Fluendo - Barcelona's favourite chaps will be here to show off their amazing Linux multimedia work.

Debian - buy t-shirts and mugs from the man Sladen.

Creative Commons - find out why you should licence your work with CC and where you can find other people's CC work.

Gnome - learn more about where the desktop is headed.

Linspire - the novice-friendly Linux will be on hand to answer your questions.

Free Software Foundation Europe - Gareth and Shane will tell you why it's important to be free, not just open.

Shadowcat Systems - open source software developer.

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