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We are currently in the process of hunting out a great line-up of speakers for LUGRadio Live 2006. This page contains a list of the confirmed speakers so far. Remember, if you want to speak, see our Call For Papers page.

Confirmed Speakers

Mark Shuttleworth - Ubuntu

Simon Phipps - Open Source and Sun

Michael Meeks - OpenOffice

Simon Willison - Yahoo!

Stephen Lamb - Microsoft

Sarah Ewen - Linux on Playstation 2

Scott James Remnant - Ubuntu

Ted Haeger - Novell

Gervase Markham - How to Destroy the Free Software Movement

Bastien Nocera - GNOME development and Fedora

Barbie - Messagelabs and Perl

Jonathan Riddell - KDE 4 and Kubuntu Dapper

Richard Moore - IBM and Open Source

Jonathan Haslam - DTrace

Steve Coast - OpenStreetmap

Kat Goodwin, Jen Phillips and Phated - Women in Open Source

Edward Hervey - PiTiVi

Matthew Garrett - Linux and Laptops

John Leach - Everybody Loves Eric Raymond

Elliot Smith - Ruby On Rails

Paul Cooper - OpenAdvantage

Tom Steinberg - MySociety and Pledgebank

Ewan Spence - TBC

Christian Schaller - GStreamer

Martijn van de Streek - Ubuntu

Ian Lynch - OpenDocument

Alex Hudson - Hula

Martin Vogel - BBC Action Network

Matthew Bloch - Virtualisation and Bytemark

Bruno Bord - This Talk May Contain Swearing - Bruno Bord, known as kNo to his fellow LUGRadio community members will provide a fun statistical journey through the world of LUGRadio swearing.

Mirco Müller - Lowfat - a natural way to view your files...with a twist

and many, many more...

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Find out the latest news and happenings with LRL06 in the LUGRadio Live Blog.