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Birds Of a Feather (BOF) sessions are informal discussions that take place around the LUGRadio Live 2006. These sessions can be organised by anyone, and we will have some BOF Points around the venue where people can meet up for the discussion.

As we get closer to the event, this page will be updated with the most popular BOF sessions and their times. In the meantime, head over to the LUGRadio Wiki BOFs page to plan or attend a BOF.

If you are interested in running a BOF, seee the Running a BOF HOWTO

Confirmed BOF Sessions

BOF sessions are starting to be confirmed. Here are the current confirmed sessions.

How to Contribute to Open Source

I suspect there are a few people out there that would like to contribute in some way to an Open Source project but don't know how, where or why etc. How about we pick a simple project that needs some help and and spend a BOF session discussion how you could contribute to it? Nothing that requires too much expertise but something everyone can do. Such like a project that needs some documentation, maybe some man pages need cleaning, some code that needs cleaning.

If you want to get involved and contribute, this BOF is a great way to get started.

Organser: port7

Linux User Groups

In this BOF session given by Steve Dobson and Nik Butler from Sussex LUG, the discussion will focus on how to get along and be involved in a LUG, and how to run a LUG. Steve and Nik will also discuss how they run self-financing stands at local computer fairs to promote and advocate Linux. If you are interested in LUGs, this BOF will be great to check out.

Organisers: Steve Dobson and Nik Butler

Perl and User Groups

This BOF will focus on Perl and its growing community of users. Run by the legendary Barbie, this BOF will discuss the current state of the Perl community, how to get involved, where your local groups are and more.

Organiser: Barbie

#lugradio Meet and Greet

The #lugradio IRC channel has been a central point of contact for the LUGRadio community. Boasting around 85 people at any one time, #lugradio is a thriving place to be to find people with a great sense of humour, true commitment to Open Source and a connection to LUGRadio.

In this BOF #lugradio members can meet each other, put names to faces and share a few drinks

Organiser: Ben Thorp (mrben)

Ubuntu Users UK

In this BOF discussion will cover how to create a stronger UK Ubuntu community. This BOF has been discussed on the Ubuntu mailing list and is sure to be an interesting one for any Ubuntu user.

Organiser: TBA

This BOF is intended to discuss the UK LUG community, and more specifically, how to improve and make the most out of Some discussion on the LUGMaster is indicating a number of LUGMasters from across the UK will be attending this BOF.

Organiser: TBA

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