LugRadio Live 2007 ... 7th-8th July 2007 ... The Lighthouse, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, UK

BOF Sessions

From LugRadio Live 2007

Birds Of a Feather (BOF) sessions are informal discussions that take place around the LUGRadio Live 2007. These sessions can be organised by anyone, and we will have some BOF Points around the venue where people can meet up for the discussion.

As we get closer to the event, this page will be updated with the most popular BOF sessions and their times.

If you are interested in running a BOF, see the Running a BOF HOWTO

Scheduled BOFs

Run by Alan Pope.

A BOF to discuss the UK Linux User Group project and how to optimise the project and make further progress.


Run by Jono Bacon

This BOF will plot the future plans for the Jokosher project, heading towards 1.0 and on to 1.1.

Ubuntu UK

Run by Nik Butler

The Ubuntu UK LoCo team will have a BOF session to discuss how they can continue to help growing the UK Ubuntu community and some of their advocacy and activism activities.


Run by Erin Quill.

A session looking at ways to get involved and use OpenSuSE.

Perl Mongers

Run by Barbie

A session to discuss the popular Perl Mongers user groups and how to get involved, led by one of the finest mongers of Perl in the world, Barbie.

Cheaper alternatives to Vista

Run by James Hooker

A session discuss the many and varied cheaper alternatives to Windows Vista, useful for IT decision makers.


Run by Michael Erskine

Grow the web of trust by coming along to this keysigning session.


Run by Erin Quill

A session discussing XEN virtualisation, run by Erin Quill from Novell. The session is intended to discuss XEN, get feedback, discuss future plans and suggesions and more.


Run by Erin Quill

A session discussing MythTV, where the project currently stands and how to improve MythTV in the future. If you are running MythTV or considering it, come this interesting BOF session.


Run by Aaron Seigo and Inge Wallin.

A session to discuss how to get involved in KDE, what the future roadmap is and how to be part of the KDE project.


The hashlugradio team will be talking about their show and interviewing people.


Run by Andy Wafaa .

The Bongo project: easy to use mail and calendaring. Get together and talk about calendars and Bongo!

Power Management

Run by Richard "gnome-power-manager" Hughes

Talk about power management; ask why your backlight doesn't dim properly; touch the expert!

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