LugRadio Live 2007 ... 7th-8th July 2007 ... The Lighthouse, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, UK


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Registration for LRL is not yet open. Keep an eye on this page and on the LugRadio Live weblog for details of when you can buy tickets and how much they'll be!


As in previous years, if you can come up with a reason why you deserve a concession, you qualify for one. You cannot get a concession on the door. If you want a concession, you have to mail the show and tell us why: that gives us the opportunity to mock you publically, which we think is a fair bargain. In the past, we've given concessions to people for driving his square-headed friend all the way from Wales, for having the show on speed dial, for promising to buy the LR team drinks (always a winner, that one), and for having sat through a Jono Bacon presentation. If you can come up with a reason (and it's not something lame like "I'm a student" -- get a job, tax-dodger!) then we're pretty likely to grant it!

Oh, and don't forget...

Find out the latest news and happenings with LRL07 in the LUGRadio Live Blog.