LugRadio Live 2007 ... 7th-8th July 2007 ... The Lighthouse, Fryer Street, Wolverhampton, UK


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This is where you can find out what hot speaker action will be going on at LUGRadio Live 2007! As we get closer to the big weekend, this page will expand with more and more speakers as we confirm them.

If you would like to speak, see the Call For Papers page!

Nat Friedman - Novell

Nat Friedman works at Novell and leads the desktop team that produces SuSE, Beagle, F-Spot and many other popular Linux technologies.

Simon Willison

Simon Willison is a popular web developer and prolific blogger who has worked at Yahoo! and created the Django Python web framework.

Michael Sparks - BBC

Michael is a senior researcher at the BBC for the Future Media & Technology team.

Oh, and don't forget...

Find out the latest news and happenings with LRL07 in the LUGRadio Live Blog.