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This is the page for content for Ren and the Light House. Add you specs here now people.

Greenhouse Room
BOF only

Lan Gaming

Atrium Stage
Talks + Exhibitors

  • Power supplies for PA, video cameras etc. These were distributed around the space last year. Assuming this hasn't changed, should be OK.
  • Podium.

Main Stage

  • Digital projector & screen.
  • Podium with VGA connection to projector, mini-jac connector to PA system & power outlet on stage apron.
  • Controllable, focused lighting on podium and across stage (i.e. can light just podium or across the apron for panels)
  • PA system, with 1x podium microphone, 4x SM58 style microphones, 1x wireless hand-held microphone & related cabling. Microphone stands for above.
  • Mixing desk for PA at rear of auditorium.
  • Line out of mixing desk for audio recording.

Lightning Stage

  • Digital projector & screen.
  • Podium with VGA connection to projector & power outlet.
  • Focused lighting on podium.
  • Wireless clip microphone with adjustable line/mic level output via 35mm Jack.

Balcony space
BOF only

Any Questions



Registration before the event isn't required this year: just turn up and pay £5 on the door!

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