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LugRadio Live USA: 12-13th April 2008, the Metreon, San Francisco, CA


Pre-registration guarantees you a place at LugRadio Live USA. There are also some rather cool free bonus things for people who pre-register, so although you can pay on the door, you really should register here!

If you've written in to the show, and we've said you can have a concession ticket, then you can get one of those here too:

If you are an international traveller (i.e., you are travelling from somewhere outside the USA in order to come to LRL), you do not need to buy a ticket; you get in free. Be prepared for the door staff to say: are you sure you travelled from Antarctica to get here, though!

Because we're English, tickets are charged in English pounds sterling; a ticket is £5.00, which is just about $10. That's all you need to get into two full days of the greatest event on the American continent since that Independence thing! Register today!


Grateful thanks

LRL USA is happening because we're being sponsored by people. We'd like to say a great big thanks to Google, for all the hard work that Leslie Hawthorn, Cat Allman, and Kynan are doing to make LRL happen in America!


We'd also like to say thanks to our other sponsors, Dice.com, who are making it possible for the LugRadio team to be in the US at all!

LinuxQuestions Also thanks to our media partners, LinuxQuestions

Linux Pro Magazine and Linux Pro Magazine!

What is LugRadio Live?

If you're thinking of coming to LRL but don't know what it's all about, take a look at What is LugRadio Live?

The LRL blog

You can stay up to date with all the latest LRL news by subscribing to the LugRadio Live Blog!

LugRadio Live USA: 12-13th April 2008, the Metreon, San Francisco, CA

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