Finding Emo

2nd June 2008: Season 5 Episode 19 : 108.54

Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Chris Procter, and Adam Sweet talk about Linux, open source, and all manner of associated things. This show, discussing our unrealised hopes and dreams for the open source desktop, includes:
  • Cairo: it was supposed to revolutionise the graphical look of the Gnome desktop, and as far as we can tell nothing has changed. Where are our beautiful pictures? (3.43) [Discuss this in the LugRadio forums]
  • Linux on mobile phones: it's not only the year of the Linux desktop every year, but it's the year in which Linux really takes over the embedded market. And it never happens. Mobile phones running Linux never appear in the market. Why? (15.52) [Discuss this in the LugRadio forums]
  • What does "the community" actually mean? Lots of companies are trying to build an open source community around their products, and they don't succeed because they don't know how. An extended segment of our views, including Jono speaking on how he thinks community management should work (27.17) [Discuss this in the LugRadio forums]
  • Your emails and feedback! This week you and we are talking about the LugRadio Syndrome, the freedom slider and a restricted formats wizard, spam, the new world of email security and SPF, abandoning technical books, Guns 'n' Roses, media players, and the subject that wouldn't die, Gobuntu (69.31)

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LugRadio was a fortnightly British radio show that took a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source. The show finished in 2008, sort of, but there have been occasional reunions and conferences since then.

Note: the language on the show may offend some.

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