The Four Large Gents

Jono Bacon

Jono Bacon is the Ubuntu Community Manager at Canonical and works to run and enthuse the worldwide Ubuntu community. As the founder of Linux UK, one-time KDE contributor, ex-journalist and a well travelled, established public speaker, Jono is well known in the Open Source community, despite his beard. An avid metal fan, Jono plays drums in Seraphidian and also records his own solo music, writing, playing and recording all of his own material at Recreant View. He also seemingly has an involuntary 'devils horns' twitch. - Contact Jono

Stuart 'Aq' Langridge

A well known and well respected web and Javascript developer, Stuart is known for his development prowess both inside and outside the web world. In addition to his web work, he has written two books about Javascript and AJAX development, has written various Javascript libraries and is the author of the popular implementation of various desktop widgets for GNOME, known as Jackfield. Opinionated, and possessing thick ginger locks, you always know when Aq is near. - Contact Stuart

Chris Procter

Despite having never peered into someone's arse, Chris "Proctologist" Procter is known as the Lord Of The Rings to Chris-Fans around the world. A strong background in clustering and server technologies makes Chris one of the strongest technical members of the LugRadio team, and his insight into technical subjects is inspiring. In addition to this, Chris is a regular at various Midlands LUG meetings. Despite such credentials, he utterly fails at performing star-jumps at photo-shoots.

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Adam Sweet

One time member of allegedly famous indie-pop-punk band Passion Star, our spiky haired friend has a musical background that was overtaken by the lure of man pages and grep switches. Working as a sysadmin, Adam spends his days surrounded by servers and loves every minute of it. Adam is a popular member of Wolves LUG, and is well known for helping new users get started with Linux. - Contact Adam

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