C-bombs away!

13th February 2006: Season 3 Episode 9 : 85:44

Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Ade Bradshaw, and Matthew Revell talk about Linux and whatever else comes along, including:

  • Important but not interesting - What's the difference between a FOSS project that's important and one that's interesting? (1.20)
  • Will Linux ever be ready for gaming? Is it more a commercial problem than a technical problem? (15.17)
  • Jacob "jimmac" Steiner from the Tango Project tells us what we can do to encourage more artists into the FOSS way of life (27.48)
  • The What the Fuck Book Truck: this week, Aq yarns on about The Cuckoo's Egg, his favourite open source related book! (41.42)
  • Dave "bolsh" Neary tells us about the Libre Graphics Meeting (47.55)
  • A full half hour of outro! Includes your emails, your voicemails and us chatting about LugRadio Live! (55.44)

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About LugRadio

LugRadio was a fortnightly British radio show that took a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source. The show finished in 2008, sort of, but there have been occasional reunions and conferences since then.

Note: the language on the show may offend some.

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