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19th November 2007: Season 5 Episode 5 : 78.07

Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Chris Procter and Adam Sweet talk about Linux, open source, and all manner of associated things. This show includes:
  • Havoc Pennington and Colin Walters from Red Hat talk about the Gnome Online Desktop project - discuss this in the LugRadio forums! (1.23)
  • Do we need rockstar programmers? Prompted by Thomas "marnanel" Thurman talking about the hard but unglamorous work that he and the rest of the Metacity team do, we discuss whether it's a good idea to have "rockstar" hackers involved in a project - discuss this in the LugRadio forums! (26.40)
  • El Bizarro's Oblique Freak Show! This week on the freak show: Second Life! (41.00)
  • The Finger Of God decides which distro is best, as requested by one of our listeners. Send us your choices and let the Finger decide! (54.10)
  • LugRadio has been chosen as the best Linux podcasts in the Linux Format magazine Christmas issue. We're pretty pleased by this, unsurprisingly (55.12)
  • Your emails, and the best posts from the LugRadio Forums. A brilliant set of emails this time: thanks very much! Way too many to read, and we chose only the best -- the very best email wins a LugRadio t-shirt every week, so get your mails in to, and look at for our voicemail number and the LugRadio forums (56.58)

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About LugRadio

LugRadio was a fortnightly British radio show that took a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source. The show finished in 2008, sort of, but there have been occasional reunions and conferences since then.

Note: the language on the show may offend some.

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