Bottom trumps

3rd December 2007: Season 5 Episode 6 : 76.46

Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Chris Procter and Adam Sweet talk about Linux, open source, and all manner of associated things. This show includes:
  • The return (briefly) of the long-lamented Hype or Shite segment, with Hypervisor or Shite! Chris and Adam explain what virtualization is actually all about and why people should care: if you're wondering what the difference between Xen and VMWare and QEmu actually is, or you like the idea of having one server which is actually thirty servers, then this is the section for you! (2.00) (Discuss virtualisation here on the LugRadio forums)
  • How do we deal with people giving "advice" to newbies where the advice is malicious trolling that deletes their hard drive? Is this symptomatic of a wider problem? Should we be changing the way Linux works to try and counteract this problem? (23.45) (Discuss this subject on the LugRadio forums)
  • Why do we actually bother with all this? Why spend all this time working with Linux and open source? The first of a new series looking at the reasons we think people get into all this stuff, and what that means (35.20) (Tell us why you got into Linux on the LugRadio forums)
  • Your emails, covering all sorts of things like robotics, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft's Open Source lab, and Robert Plant (46.15)

This episode includes the tune Steady B, from Trafic de Blues' Fin de cavale album, which is licenced as CC Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 2.5, which means that this episode is also under the same licence (a minor change from our normal licence for episodes).

We've also changed the way we encode mp3s, so if you were having problems listening to the mp3s in season 5, let us know if it's fixed. If you were having trouble and you are still having trouble, please contact us via the LugRadio forums and let us know.

CC-BY-NC-SA This episode of LugRadio is available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 2.5 licence. This means that you can download it for free, you can pass it on to as many people as you want, and you can make it available for download yourself, you can make mashups of it or snip parts out and distribute them separately or use them in your own compositions, but you can't sell it or use it commercially. See our thoughts on licencing for more.

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LugRadio was a fortnightly British radio show that took a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source. The show finished in 2008, sort of, but there have been occasional reunions and conferences since then.

Note: the language on the show may offend some.

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