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This is the site for LugRadio Live 2005, which happened in 2005. If you're interested in coming to LugRadio Live, you'll want to look at the site for LugRadio Live 2006.
About LugRadio Live

Where? Terrace Bar, Molineux Stadium, Wolverhampton city centre.

When? 25 June 2005 from 11am - 6pm.

LugRadio Live 2006!

We're starting to plan LugRadio Live 2006. It'll be bigger, better and you must be there. Listen to the show and join the forums for updates.

LugRadio Live 2005 retrospective

What happened


Mark Shuttleworth
Spoke about his trip into space and the future of open source. Audio/video coming soon.

Ian Bell
Was interviewed by the LR guys about creating the seminal game Elite. Transcript. Audio/video coming soon.

Bill Thompson
The practical benefits of open source, as he found when working on an event to remember the dead of the Madrid bombings. Audio/video coming soon.

Gervase Markham
Phishing: conning the unwary for fun and profit. Audio required.

Jonathan Riddell
The future of KDE and Kubuntu. Audio coming soon.

Simon Willison
Making websites better with Greasemonkey. Audio coming soon.

Christian Schaller
Fluendo, GStreamer and Flumotion. Audio required.

Rufus Pollock
How to fight software patents. Audio/video coming soon.

Colin Watson
The development of the Ubuntu installer. Audio required.

Daniel Barron
DansGuardian creator and SmoothWall director. Video, audio and transcript.

Drew McLellan
How to create a good website for your open source project. Audio required.

Jon Masters
Embedded Linux development. Audio required.

James Wallbank
On recycling IT equipment. Video.

Robert Postill   Linux disaster recovery. Video.


Ubuntu - OpenOffice - Red Hat - CentOS - Infopoint - ScunDog - Splinescan - Linspire (25% discount) - Debian - KDE - Clockwork Software - WINE/Codeweavers - Autopackage - O'Reilly (30% discount) - OpenAdvantage - Bytemark - AFFS - UKLinux


Beers at Wolverhampton's Hog's Head and Light House the night before
LAN gaming with Enemy Territory
Splineboy scanning people's heads
Curry that night paid for by LugRadio and Red Hat
Paintball the next day