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About LugRadio

LugRadio is a fortnightly British radio show that takes a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source.

Note: language may offend some.

The LugRadio Open Source Awards 2005

The team awards some awards to open source and software projects for their work or otherwise in 2005.

Announced in Season 3, Episode 6

And the winners are

Best Open Source Software of 2005

Nominations: MythTV, Firefox, Zimbra, Asterisk

Winner: Asterisk

Most impressive contributions

Nominations: Zimbra, The FFII, Sun Microsystems

Winner: The FFII

Most damaging thing done to open source in 2005

Nominations: Microsoft

Winner: Microsoft

Coolest open source thing

Nominations: Archos PMA400, MythTV, Asterisk

Winner: MythTV

Funniest moment of 2005

Nominations: LugRadio Live 2005

Winner: LugRadio Live 2005

The WTF Award

Nominations: Flock, Linux on the iPod, Edubuntu, GNU Hurd, Cedega, Gentoo

Winner: GNU Hurd

Biggest letdown

Nominations: Xgl, GStreamer, Ubuntu

Winner: GStreamer

Well done to all winners, and to the losers, we're sure you'll do better next year. Best of luck in 2006!