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About LugRadio

LugRadio is a fortnightly British radio show that takes a relaxed, humorous look at Linux and open source.

Note: language may offend some.

Look Queer For The New Year

A competition where you had to send in pictures of yourself looking queer to celebrate New Year 2006. Winners take home some OpenSolaris corporate tat, kindly provided by Sun Microsystems.

Announced in Season 3, Episode 6, winners announced in Season 3, Episode 8

And the winners are

First place: the Brown Crown: Bill!
Bill, the bender My mate Bill's unparalleled effort wins him the Brown Crown for most effort put into it. Well played that man; enjoy your tat!
Second place, the gold medal: Russ Phillips
Russ Russ's t-shirt, saying "I'm the only gay in SchwukLUG", stormed him into second prize.
Third place, the silver medal: David Nielsen
David We did debate giving the prize here to David Pashley, pictured in the background, but the pink t-shirt alone actually won him the prize. Technically this is George, David Nielsen's mate, but David's the one who actually entered. They can fight over the prizes between the two of them. Pashley gets nothing.
Fourth place, the bronze medal: Thomas Porteus!
Thomas and 'friend' Thomas and "friend" play tonsil tennis; whether they did this purely to win the prize is unclear.

Well done to all winners, and our commiserations to the losers; keep your eye out for the next competition!