Pimp My LugRadio

The LugRadio Christmas 2007 competition is now closed: winners were announced in Season 5 Episode 12!

The idea of the competition was to produce something that could be used to promote LugRadio -- a video, an audio trailer, a poster, anything. We got loads of great entries -- thanks very much to everyone who entered!

Big congratulations to our Best of Show winner, Sean Ellis, for this magnificent video! Sean gets an Asus EEE PC, kindly provided by EfficientPC!

See Sean's winning entry at or download it directly. Sean also sent us the audio track from the video as an entry in its own right: listen to it in ogg format (mirrored at Well done, Sean!

Honourable Mentions

Honourable mentions go out to our two runners up, both of whom will receive LugRadio t-shirts.

Other entries

We had loads of great entries to this competition. Here's the other entries, in no particular order; they can all be used to pimp the show, and we're really grateful for everyone who gave up their time to create them for us! Sorry you didn't win; better luck next time, though!

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