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The Friday Night pre-party

For people arriving in Wolverhampton on Friday 23rd October there will be the regular get together at the Hogshead, 186 Stafford Street from about 7:30 pm. A light buffet will be provided.

The Saturday Night after-party

The Saturday Night After-Party will be in the Connaught Hotel cellar bar from 8pm until late. Bring your stories, bring your extra drinking trousers, and bring your voice, because there will be karaoke! Oh yes!

OggCamp on Sunday


Roll out of bed and into OggCamp!

On Sunday October 25th 2009 the combined forces of Ubuntu UK Podcast and Linux Outlaws are putting on OggCamp, a one day barcamp-style event in the glorious city of Wolverhampton. You are cordially and warmly invited, especially if you are of Linux-y, Open Source-y persuasion.

You may have realised the location isn't totally random. In fact, it's ideal for gently nursing your LRL hangover after the previous night's excesses. Especially as OggCamp will be held at the Connaught, official LRL hotel, from 11am-4pm and will cost you £0 to get in.

How will OggCamp differ from LRL? Well, it's a barcamp-style event, which means that there won't be a full speaker schedule published before the event - you can turn up and volunteer a talk about anything you want! We're not just expecting geeky talks about obscure programming languages, so get your thinking caps on and see if you can come up with something a bit different! If you'd like to run any ideas past the organisers, send an email to

Both the Outlaws and UUPCers will be recording some content for their shows during the day. So if you ever wanted to contribute to one of these podcasts, this is your best chance yet.

Described by listeners and reviewers alike as "very laid-back", and by the LugRadio team as "a Scouse car thief and a German who needs to eat more pies talk about Linux", Linux Outlaws is a podcast about Linux and free and open source software. Fab and Dan are normal users, rather than part of the in-crowd of community leaders and hardcore kernel hackers. On the show, they talk about interesting news and developments and stuff that they come across in their daily usage of Linux, often with a serious attitude and a humorous angle.

With a reputation as "the BBC Radio 4 of Linux podcasts", the Ubuntu UK Podcast is presented by Ciemon, Alan, Daviey, Tony, and Laura of the United Kingdom's Ubuntu Linux community. They provide topical discussions and information for Ubuntu Linux fans the world over, from the newest user to the oldest coder. Because the show is produced by the Ubuntu UK community, the podcast is covered by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and is therefore suitable for all. Remember to ask them about Creme Eggs.

We couldn't do this without

Matthew Bloch and Bytemark Hosting. Bytemark have sponsored every LugRadio Live in the UK. They host our servers, answer our questions, and drink Jagerbombs. Hosting company of win.

Mike Evans at MSE Design. Mike has been the LugRadio designer since the very first time we had a design, and he's wonderful. Call him for all your design work. Really. He's just got married, too, so buy him a pint.

Hans-Jörg Ehren at Linux Magazine. Our official media partners once again!

System76. Purveyors of really, really sweet hardware to the Ubuntu world.

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