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There are no tickets left for LugRadio Live. Sorry!

There are no tickets left, and there are none for sale on the door. If you don't have a ticket, you missed out on LugRadio Live 2009. Our apologies. Why not consider other things on LRL weekend, like the Friday night party or OggCamp?

We couldn't do this without

Matthew Bloch and Bytemark Hosting. Bytemark have sponsored every LugRadio Live in the UK. They host our servers, answer our questions, and drink Jagerbombs. Hosting company of win.

Mike Evans at MSE Design. Mike has been the LugRadio designer since the very first time we had a design, and he's wonderful. Call him for all your design work. Really. He's just got married, too, so buy him a pint.

Hans-Jörg Ehren at Linux Magazine. Our official media partners once again!

System76. Purveyors of really, really sweet hardware to the Ubuntu world.

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