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Jan 02

Main stage caricatures from #lrl2009 now at -- thanks to Chris Hayes, genius artist!

Dec 29

All the talks from #lrl2009 are now available at !

Dec 27

Lots more videos from #lrl2009 up at

Dec 22

Massive thanks to our Video Hero, @tonywhitmore

Dec 22

Videos from #lrl2009 are starting to appear at! First up, Martin Meredith's "Hack the Planet"

Oct 23

It's LugRadio Live weekend! Let the good times roll! See you all in the Hogshead tonight or at LRL tomorrow: doors open 9.30. #lrl2009

Oct 15

If you didn't get an email confirmation but did reserve an LRL ticket, please mail with the address you reserved for!

Oct 15

Remember, people, you must bring your email confirmation to LRL to get your ticket. Follow the link in the email and print/show on the door

Oct 10

Updated LugRadio Live Android application to include the third stage. Download from !

Oct 08

Does anyone have a load of Technic Lego or similar that they'd be interested in lending us for LugRadio Live?

Oct 06

All sold out. No more tickets for LugRadio Live. If you wanted one, we hope you got one. See you at LRL!

Oct 06

Ticket sales open! They are going really, really fast.

Oct 05

There will not be tickets available on the door for LRL. You must reserve a ticket!

Oct 05

11am British time (10am UTC) tomorrow, Tues Oct 6th, more tickets will be made available for LRL. Get in quick to get a ticket! RT please!

Oct 05

Preparing to open up a new block of tickets for sale, yay!

Sep 30

The reason we're asking about people who couldn't get tickets is because we *might* be able to open up some more tickets. Stay tuned!

Sep 30

If you (a) want to come to LugRadio Live but (b) couldn't get a ticket, please reply to this so we know how many there are. Also, retweet!

Sep 28

Follow LRL site news, get the schedule, and plan which talks you want to see with the LRL Android app! Get it from

We couldn't do this without

Matthew Bloch and Bytemark Hosting. Bytemark have sponsored every LugRadio Live in the UK. They host our servers, answer our questions, and drink Jagerbombs. Hosting company of win.

Mike Evans at MSE Design. Mike has been the LugRadio designer since the very first time we had a design, and he's wonderful. Call him for all your design work. Really. He's just got married, too, so buy him a pint.

Hans-Jörg Ehren at Linux Magazine. Our official media partners once again!

System76. Purveyors of really, really sweet hardware to the Ubuntu world.

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